A UX Audit Was “Totally What Juice Analytics Needed” To Optimize Their Onboarding Flow

Juice Analytics had a fantastic product but a self-admittedly underwhelming trial-to-paid conversion rate. They were thoughtful about their onboarding process, but they were too close to it and needed guidance on how to kick it up to the next level.

They contracted me to conduct a customer UX audit—a comprehensive annotated screen-by-screen analysis of the strengths of their onboarding as well as a detailed list of the actions they can take to improve it.

The result was a clear set of priorities and actions to take to boost trial-to-paid conversions.

For any company that feels like they are stuck in their process of being able to get people to convert, I would absolutely recommend that they do an onboarding audit.
Zach Gemignani, Founder and CEO

Overview: Juice Analytics makes it easy to tell a data story

Juice Analytics gives you an easy and beautiful way to present data.

It lets you build dynamic, data-driven narratives that guide you to insights. You can use it to create presentations, [interactive infographics, marketing reports, sales pitches, and more.

It’s particularly useful for consultants because it makes it simple to present complex data, create reports, and develop persuasive pitches and proposals.

Problem: They had low trial-to-paid conversion rates

While Juice Analytics has a fantastic product and solid onboarding process, their trial-to-paid conversion rates left much to be desired. The team was sophisticated in their thinking about product-led conversion strategies, but they still weren’t sure what they needed to do to tweak their flow so it worked better.

They lacked a plan

The Juice Analytics team felt like they were spinning their wheels trying to get traction. They knew they had a market for their product, but there was a disconnect in the conversion funnel.

Zach Gemignani, Founder and CEO of Juice (the company behind the Juice Analytics product), sought out a trial-to-paid onboarding consultant:

I was lookng to get a series of insights as to what we needed to improve and where we need to focus our efforts. And I felt like that was exactly what we got from Kareem.

They needed specific, actionable guidance

Zach wasn’t looking for the kind of general advice you can find around the web. He needed a clear strategy and a list of tactics specifically applied to his product.

I was looking for very actionable information—practical guidance that would allow us to step right into making some changes.

They needed a consultant who understood the product side

They needed someone who was going to be sensitive to limitations on the development side—someone who could “differentiate between things that are easy to build and hard to build.

Solution: An onboarding UX audit

Zach approached me for a complete audit of the Juice Analytics onboarding flow. I reviewed both the in-app experience and provided a set of practical recommendations that Zach and his team could implement to boost conversion.

Giving away too much value for free

One thing I noticed was how much value users receive for free-teams of up to three could use everything in the app. So while consultants were one of the primary target groups, there was no incentive for smaller consulting teams to pay for the software.

Says Zach:

We had been starting to recognize that we were giving away too much value with our free plan. But it was super valuable for Kareem to point that out.

My recommendation: I provided suggestions for how to restructure Juice’s pricing and packaging to give free users a reason to upgrade to a paid plan.

Lacking targeted messaging

Juice Analytics is a flexible tool and can be used by very different people to do very different things. That’s a strength, but it comes with a challenge: Juice Analytics was trying to market to a number of different audiences. The result was that the messaging lacked focus.

Kareem emphasized that we need to focus on our target audience and that we were creating confusion by not doing that.

My recommendation: I provided examples of how they could sharpen their messaging to better target the primary audience and reduce pre-sales confusion.

Results: Specific tactics Juice Analytics could implement immediately

I provided Zach and his team with a detailed UX audit as well as a presentation summarizing the findings. The audit provided a prioritized plan on how they could build an onboarding strategy that boosted trial conversion.

High-level analysis with specific recommendations

Zach appreciated that he got high-level analysis and granular recommendations:

I really appreciate that Kareem took it up a level and chunked out the general areas that we need to think about. But he was also able to go to that detailed level of very specific things on each screen that we could fix.

Direction, clear priorities, and motivation

Zach appreciated the “fresh eyes” that helped Juice prioritize and focus on solving the high-leverage problems:

It's not like we don't see or understand our problems—we do. But this gave us the ability to rethink and reprioritize what those problems are, and that was refreshing. Having Kareem point out some of those things was really, really useful to give us a kick in the right direction.

Professional, on-time delivery

Zach enjoyed working with a professional:

Kareem was very professional in his consulting delivery. He set clear expectations about what he would do, and then he delivered early. It was a really well-packaged consulting project.

Juice was satisfied with the project

Kareem’s onboarding UX audit exceeded my expectations. It was totally what we needed—I'm really, really, really glad we did it.
Zach Gemignani, Founder and CEO
</figure> ## Get a UX audit to improve your onboarding experience and boost trial-to-paid conversions When you’re so close to your product, it’s easy to forget how new users see it. Zach said it best: _“It's very easy to get lost in the weeds of the assumptions you've built up about your customers, and how you think the product works..”_ The [onboarding UX audit](https://www.trialtopaid.com/services/#audit) is a way to step back and get the perspective of someone who is both an expert in trail-to-paid SaaS conversion and who is also unfamiliar with your product. I can help you understand what your customers experience and provide you with the strategies and tactics you need to do better.