Improve B2B SaaS trial to paid conversion

There are four ways we might work together:

Onboarding UX Audit - $4.5k USD

Feel good about your onboarding strategy, and want a set of expert eyes on your execution? If so, the UX audit is perfect for you.

We’ll start with a Zoom session to review your strategy, goals, and any opportunities you haven’t fully leveraged.

I’ll then review your onboarding process (both in-app and out-of-app touches) and suggest tactical changes to your existing flow to increase conversion.

These are the kinds of items I’ll cover:

  1. Does the onboarding flow align with the customer’s expectations and needs to get to success?
  2. Are there onboarding steps we can remove, or would you benefit from adding steps?
  3. Where are the points of high friction during onboarding? And how can you reduce friction or provide motivators to continue?
  4. How can you refine or improve copy to support conversion?
  5. How are the CTAs to upgrade? Can you add CTAs at key points after customers have gotten value?
  6. How do your onboarding tactics (like checklists, drip emails, product tours) support conversion? Should we add or refine existing tactics?

I’ve watched hundreds of people stumble through signups flows and done dozens of reviews over the past decade. So you’ll benefit from fresh and expert eyes on your conversion flow that has seen what works and what doesn’t.


  1. A UX Audit of each page between your sign up form and conversion
  2. A deck summarizing the changes that’s suitable for presenting to your team
  3. An executive summary

We’ll walk through the UX Audit together (along with anybody on your team who wants to attend).

The UX Audit is suitable for companies that are confident they’ve broadly got the right customer journey, but want a set of expert eyes on their flow to smooth out rough edges when it comes to conversion.

Trial to Paid Growth Plan - starts at $13k USD

Not sure how to improve your trial to paid conversion? Let’s work together to build your Trial to Paid Growth plan.

Your plan will form your foundation about how to improve your onboarding experience, delight more trials, and increase your trial to paid conversion.

To build your plan we’ll sit down for up to 2 hours for a working session. In our session we’ll talk through:

  1. Who your customer segments are
  2. What each segment’s desired outcomes are
  3. The systems you have in place to learn about what your customers want
  4. The systems you have in place to measure the success of your onboarding flow

Then, I’ll put together your Trial to Paid Growth Plan. Your Plan will cover:

  1. Your understanding of your ideal customer segments (along with any assumptions that need to be validated)
  2. Your understanding of each segment’s desired outcome (along with any assumptions)
  3. A proposed set of Success milestones for customers to hit to achieve success with your product
  4. Any Success Gaps that you need to consider to increase your conversion rate (success gaps are things customers need to do to succeed but are done outside of your app)
  5. An actionable report that covers your company’s ability to measure and report on quantitative and qualitative insights to drive your onboarding improvements

Your plan serves as a blueprint for what to do next: it lays out your current understanding of who your customers are, what they need your app, what they need to do in your app to succeed from their perspective, things to help them with outside your app to drive success, and a set of next steps to help drive conversion.


  1. Your Trial to Paid Growth Plan (typically 10-15 pages of actionable information for you and your team)
  2. A deck summarizing your plan
  3. An executive summary

We’ll walk through the deck together to make sure all your questions are answered. After receiving your plan, the next steps are typically to:

  1. Make sure you’re gathering the necessary qualitative and quantitative data to validate assumptions and measure success
  2. Identify a set of experiments to validate key assumptions made in your plan
  3. Translate your validated plan into a set of tactics to align your in-app and out-of-app UX with what your customers need to succeed

After receiving your Growth Plan, you can execute on your own. Others continue to work with me to build a new onboarding flow.

The Growth Plan is perfect if you need to rebuild your onboarding flow and want to make sure you first build a plan on how to optimize your UX.

Curious how I approach this? Read How to build your Onboarding Strategy.

Build a High-Converting Onboarding Flow - starts at $32k USD

This is ideal if you want to rebuild your onboarding flow and want to de-risk the cost of your build and increase your chances of success.

After doing a UX Audit and building your Growth Plan (both are included with this service), I’ll validate your customers’ Aha moment using your qualitative and quantitative data. After validating, I’ll put together a list of recommendations to get more trials to the Aha moment, faster.

To start, I’ll look at your product usage and qualitative data to validate your customers’ Aha moment:

  1. We take your top customers and your bottom customers and look at the differences in product usage between them. This helps us understand what the Aha moment truly is - measured by what your best customers actually do. And once we understand your segments’ Aha moments, we can change your UX to get them there quickly.
  2. I’ll watch your screen recordings to see where customers stumble and read relevant customer surveys and help desk tickets (and any other relevant data you have.)
  3. I’ll email and/or talk to trials and recently-converted customers to identify stumbling blocks they ran into

From this data we learn:

  • What the jobs are that your users “hire” your software for
  • The reasons trials don’t convert
  • The reasons current customers almost didn’t convert
  • The UX stumbling blocks that prevent trials from getting to value

After that I’ll use this data to build out a set of recommendations for your new onboarding flow and out-of-app touches to drive trials to convert. The list will be bucketed into three groups:

1. UX changes to make. These are changes I strongly recommend - they’re foundational enough to the strategy that they should be done.

2. UX changes to experiment with. These are changes that may yield gains. You can prototype and test these on sites like, builds Buttons no Nowhere, A/B test them in production (if you have enough traffic), or implement them to watch how they’re received and make a judgement call on whether to keep them or discard them.

3. Supporting onboarding tactics. These are tactics like drip emails, welcome videos, bots, checklists, tours, a better-developed knowledge base, etc. They support your users to get to the Aha moment and convert.


  1. A deck summarizing the findings from drilling into your data to validate assumptions in your Growth Plan
  2. A list of in-app recommendations and experiments to run
  3. A list of out-of-app touches (usually email) to consider implementing
  4. An executive summary

We’ll walk through the deck together and make sure your questions are addressed.

This option is suitable for those who want to de-risk their investment in a new onboarding flow plan by grounding their implementation in data.

Two Approaches to Build Your Onboarding flow

There are two ways to work together on this:

1. I guide and upskill one of your team-members

This option requires a designated employee for me to work with (usually a Product Manager). We’ll collaborate heavily on the strategy, analysis, and recommendations. When we’re done you’ll have an upskilled PM with a tight process for continuing to iterate on your trial to paid conversion going forward. Starts at $23k USD. Includes UX Audit and Growth plan ($17,500 value).

2. I do it for you

If you don’t have the bandwidth to undertake this in-house, I’ll do all the execution on the strategy, analysis, and recommendations. The only work you and your team will need to do is do the strategy workshop, provide access to your qualitative and quantitative data, and likely send an email survey or two to customers. Starts at $32k USD. Includes UX Audit and Growth plan ($17,500 value).

Wireframes and Product Spec Add-on - starts at $14k USD

Do you have a fully-utilized Product team? If you need extra help to build wireframes that integrate the UX recommendations and a product spec for the dev team to implement, I got you covered.

I’ve been building wireframes and writing specs for 20 years and can provide both as an add-on to the Build a High-converting Onboarding Flow service above.


  1. A complete set of unbranded wireframes ready for your dev team to implement
  2. A product spec that highlights main line and edge cases, and anything that’s useful for the product and dev team to know to implement the wireframe

Wireframes and product specs typically range from 20-30 pages.