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Kareem gets what users want. He has spent years thinking deeply about how and why users do what they do. He's one of the few people that really gets HCI and usability. Talk to Kareem, you will learn.

Brian Norgard
CPO, Tinder

Kareem had great insights about our customers after a very short time. His ability to see both the product management and the engineering sides of the equation is one-of-a kind.

Collin Stewart
CEO, Predictable Revenue

I would definitely recommend working with Kareem. He gave us a map for what to do next. We feel like we have a checklist of what we need to do now.

Katie Fawkes
Director of Marketing, Ecamm

Kareem is fantastic. He provided thoughtful, actionable insights that we implemented immediately which resulted in a noticeable improvement in our product experience. When you're building software and very close to the product, it can be easy to lose sight of experiences that make a big difference - Kareem helps you see the forest of the trees. I'd highly recommend working with him.

Dennis Pilarinos
CEO, Unblocked

Recently got an onboarding review for Sudowrite by Kareem Mayan and his clear, unbiased insight gave us tons to work with! In my experience, onboarding is often the weakest link in your funnel. Fix it, and you not only fix conversion, you also improve retention. Which means hiring Kareem is likely to be one of the biggest levers you can pull.

Amit Gupta
CEO, Sudowrite

I would absolutely recommend Kareem. He’s super smart, helped us think about things that we hadn’t, and he provided valuable outcomes.

Sarah Meyer Bottorff
SVP Growth, Lawmatics

The new onboarding process is invaluable. Kareem’s work is going to add millions to our bottom line.

Justin Silverio
CEO and Founder, Invelo

Kareem’s onboarding UX audit exceeded my expectations. It was totally what we needed—I'm really, really, really glad we did it.

Zach Gemignani
CEO, Juice Analytics