This CEO hired an Executive Product Management advisor to gain clarity and direction

Nathan Broadbent is the CEO of DocSpring, a B2B SaaS business that makes it easy to fill out PDFs programmatically. Nathan was having challenges establishing a reliable and predictable product delivery process and picking tooling to support it. He was also struggling with how to organize customer feedback, use it to prioritize upcoming features, and track product usage.

Nathan was struggling with three classic Product Management problems.

  1. His product delivery and software development processes and tooling were not supporting the predictability he needed. Nathan had experimented with a handful of general purpose tools like Trello and Airbrake to support his product delivery process and as a place to keep non-technical tasks (like marketing and sales tasks). But he was struggling with those tools because you can build any process you want with them: you can organize a wedding, keep track of recipes, ship software, and a whole lot more.
  2. Nathan was receiving all kinds of customer feedback over email, in a homegrown survey tool, and his support tool. He felt he wasn’t using it to its full potential to inform his product roadmap.
  3. Nathan needed an overview of tooling to track and report on product usage

Says Nathan:

I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know how to prioritize things.

Kareem had solved these problems many times, so he was able to quickly and effectively help Nathan.

First, Nathan needed a process and supporting tool that made it easy to do the thing he cared about: predictably ship quality software. He also needed to keep technical and non-technical tasks in different places. The workflows to complete them were different so keeping them in the same tool didn’t make a lot of sense.

Nathan says:

Kareem recommended Clubhouse for the software project, and a separate Trello board for founder tasks. This separation has been really helpful!

Second, Nathan needed a system to collect and centralize customer feedback. For this task Kareem recommended Savio:

Savio has also been incredibly useful, and it’s so awesome to keep track of all my customer feedback and prioritize things that are actually important.

Finally, Nathan needed to understand his basic product usage metrics to understand how his users was behaving once they hit his site all the way through to becoming a paying customer:

Kareem also helped me to get properly set up on Google Analytics and Intercom, and I learned a lot more about metrics and conversion funnels.

Working together was a success for Nathan:

Kareem provided tons of really helpful advice and helped me get set up on the right tools, so now I feel like I now have much more clarity and direction. He is an excellent communicator, an expert at managing software projects, and has lots of startup experience to share.

I recommend working with Kareem - it has been a really great experience!

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