Building MyFlock's SaaS MVP to digitize Poultry Farm Compliance

James Walsh is the CEO of MyFlock, a startup agricultural technology company. MyFlock helps poultry farms digitize, track, and share compliance and regulatory information with partners and auditors. James is a developer, but he partnered with Kareem to build his v1 and accelerate time to market.

James says:

“I have 8 years of development experience and was going to build the MVP myself in Rails, but that wouldn’t have been feasible for v1 - there wasn’t enough time.”

James knew that time to market was critical, and got connected to Kareem. Despite not meeting in person and the project rate being a little more than he wanted to spend, James decided to work with Kareem to build his MVP due to excellent references and Kareem’s experience building MVPs:

“After chatting with Kareem, two completely independent sources said he’s great to work with. Plus, he’s been around the block a few times.”

Over the course of the four month project, Kareem served as a product manager / full-stack developer for MyFlock. Over the engagement he:

  • built a product roadmap
  • set up a basic software development process to get features from idea to production, and to track and triage bugs
  • helped prioritize amongst features to build based on customer and business needs
  • fleshed out requirements to ensure features would solve key customer problems
  • made pragmatic trade-offs to invest an appropriate level of effort when building features
  • set up tooling to share code between developers
  • devised a sane software architecture that supported MyFlock’s current needs and future growth
  • set up the database and wrote thousands of lines of front-end and back-end code

James was happy with the results, and says:

“My v1 is done so we can begin bringing farms online. Kareem is experienced, laid back and stays on track. He was great to work with over the past several months. Kareem gets stuff done and has a ton of product development experience and I would definitely recommend him.”

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